Goodreads 3.1.7

Rate and review the books you read on the go


  • Rate books you've read in one simple click
  • Publish updates about your book reading progress
  • View local book-related events notices
  • Update your profile on the go


  • Difficult to write lengthy reviews from the iPhone


Goodreads is an app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch dedicated to booklovers who want to read and rate books they've read.

While apps like Stanza and iBooks let you read ebooks from your mobile device, Goodreads lets you critique the work of other published authors, from famous writers to those who are self-published. Create an account, personalize your profile, find friends to follow and you can get started.

You can either search for books you've read by title or author name, and then rate on a one to five star basis. The Goodreads ratings, of course, refer to your personal preference as to whether you enjoyed the book or not. A one star rating means "didn't like it," whereas a five star rating indicates "it was amazing." There's also the option to add specific books into a to-be-read category on your Goodreads profile. The next time you see a book you haven't yet read that looks interesting, you'll be able to store its information for reference later. Goodreads also lets you write book reviews, so you can share your opinions about a specific book with others. The reviews are equally useful for getting a sense of whether a book you haven't yet read is one you might want to read in the future.

You can always visit Goodreads from your computer on their official website.

Goodreads is simply a fantastic way to track, review and rate the books you've read.

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Goodreads 3.1.7

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